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Automated Data Solutions

At Input we recognize the need all organizations have to collect data in a cost effective and scalable manner. This need has driven us to become a leading provider of Enterprise wide solutions that are aimed solely at automating all the mission critical data acquisition activities of both private and public sector entities.

Input does this by combining best in breed data automation software and technology with more than 20 years of experience in business process optimization and integration.


We recognize the need corporations have to collect data from customers and business partners in an automated choice based and timely manner. Our software solutions therefore allow organizations to collect data through a wide variety of highly automated interfaces which includes the Web, Imaging, E-mail, Smartphone application and Voice/Telephony inputs. By taking an interface and device agnostic approach, Input provides corporations with the ability to offer their customers a wide selection of mechanisms through which they can submit the data elements needed to complete their business tasks.

Whether it is by providing customer A the ability to remotely scan or fax a customer take-on form while at the same time offering customer B the ability to submit that same data via their Ipad or Android tablet or giving customer C the choice of submitting that same form through the use of a digital pen, the foundation of our delivery mechanisms is based on the reality that all customers are unique in the way they relate to various technologies. The most successful businesses not only recognize this spectrum but also embrace it by offering customer friendly interfaces that are intuitive and tightly matched with what each customer considers desirable.

What makes Input unique is the ability to manage and maintain these various input types as one collaborative system as opposed to running and maintaining each as a separate system. This allows our customers to perform all their exception management in the same graphical interface regardless of the input type. If therefore one form was submitted as a faxed image, another via the web or via a PDF based email and yet another telephonically, the exception management takes place in the same module with the same look and feel regardless of the medium that the customer selected to submit the form with. This means that as a organization both economies of scale and scope are achieved.

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