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Document Processing

We process structured, semi-structured and unstructured forms and documents in a unified way.

Although Input provides a truly interface agnostic approach to data collection, the reality is that many organizations are still predominantly caught up in a world where paper is the originating source of many of their processes. To this end Input has a number of sophisticated tools available to address anything from basic structured forms processing through to complex semi structured and fully unstructured forms.

Many organizations, including government agencies and financial services organizations already utilize Input's sophisticated document processing capabilities to process documents for current customers.

In addition to best in class ICR/OCR capabilities, Input also allows for collaborative technologies such as Digital Pen based processes that, where appropriate, allows for the use of paper as the primary source of on-boarding without the need for a separate scanning process to digitize the paper documents.

For those customers that have a need to access processed documents and images, Input offers a state of the art document management system that allows for securely accessing all electronic documents via a cloud based portal or directly via their internal network.

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