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Consulting & Customization


Our experience in crafting and implementing front end data automation solutions has not only allowed us to develop and apply the most appropriate technologies, but has also given us practical insight into best practices for specific challenges.

This experience has allowed us to build institutional knowledge and methodologies which we share with customers to allow them to benefit from lessons learned and to make sure processes are designed optimally with the benefit of our hindsight.

Engineering and designing optimal and innovative processes to address customer needs is therefore an integral service we offer.

We have yet to find two customers whose needs are identical. Requirements typically differ around the following key areas:

Core Delivery Environments


Since our technology focus on addressing front end needs, the ability to integrate with any backend system is key. Whether that back end system is an ERPM environment such as SAP, legacy financial systems, workflow or document management system we make sure that integration is seamless.


Our philosophy is that it is up to us to provide the necessary interface to integrate to our customer's system in a way that requires no adaptation on their part. To accomplish this we have ensured that we not only cater for a variety of out of the box adapters to several of the most common delivery environments, but through our API set can customize output to any protocol and format required.

Validation Requirements


While the first 50% of our approach is focused on maximizing efficiency, the second half is homed in on ensuring the integrity of data collected.


Our experience has shown that if data is not cleaned upstream, the cost of cleaning it downstream is exponential once it has filtered into the customer's core delivery environments.


For this reason we place very strong emphasis on performing strong validation on data collected either by applying internal checks based on custom data logic or through external validation against customer and industry specific databases.

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