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We support and sell email software for iSeries (AS400)

NetMail400 and NetSend400 are compatible with IBM iSeries V8R1 and earlier models and don't require the installation of any other IBM software products.



NetSend400 provides the ability to send SMTP mail messages and attachments from the iSeries to any SMTP server application. Netsend supports attaching spool file reports e.g. invoices as attachments. The NetSend set of interactive command and application interfaces can be used to give you flexibility in the way you send messages and attachments. Anything that can be created on your iSeries can be emailed.



NetMail400 allows you to in addition to the NetSend functions, receive business document eg. Orders, queries, website forms into your iSeries for automatic processing. The NetMail set of API commands can be used beneficially by application programs to generate, send, receive and process email messages.

Please conatct us at for pricing and a free 30 day trial.

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